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-Art and Craft

We are a contemporary tropical architecture studio with over 20 years of experience delivering awarded projects in Costa Rica. We provide professional consultancy in architecture, landscaping, interior design, master plans and coordinate with other required disciplines. We are specialized in low-impact projects, achieving comfort through passive design strategies; always searching for the way to link our draft with the socioeconomic reality of the site. We are co-authors of the National Standard for Sustainable Buildings in the Tropics RESET. We complement our architectural service by working with our hands in our shop in various artistic techniques. We make artistic objects and accesorios as well as providing automatic wood cutting services for third parties. We fluently speak Spanish, English and French.



  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Master plans
  • Landscaping


  • Artistic objects: lamps, room dividers, stainedglass, others
  • Prototyping services, automatic Wood cutting (CNC)

Some projects



Light architecture, climate suitability , maintenance by design, renewable materials, tropical lifestyle.

Precast structures, dry and light construction.

Water and energy cycles, coexistence with the landscape, inclusion of biodiversity.


Architect Luz Letelier, Architect Pietro Stagno and Collaborating Architects.