About Us

We are a Contemporary Tropical architecture Studio, created in San José, Costa Rica in 2000, by Arch. Pietro Stagno and Arch. Luz Letelier.

Since 2012, we have consolidated the firm Stagno Studio together with Bruno Stagno architect and Associates.

We offer services in architecture, landscaping and interior design. 

Our firm is specialized in low impact projects design for the tropics, according to concepts of sustainability.

Also, we have developed handwork in various artistic techniques.

We currently have a CNC, an automatic cutting machine for projects developent and cutting service.


  • Pietro Stagno Ugarte
  • BFA, BA Rhode Island School of Design
  • Achitecture Magister –  Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Luz Letelier Bellalta
  • Architect –  Pontifica  Universidad Católica de Chile

Institutions and Associations

  • founding member of Institute of Tropical architecture.
  • founding member of association FAB LAB Costa Rica. 
  • founding member landscapers Association.  of Costa Rica ASOPAICO
  • member of Commission buildings in height Costa Rica
  • Committee Member of INTECO,  national standard for sustainable buildings in the tropics RESET
  • teaching at Veritas University


  • 2012 first Prize national biennial award, Costa Rica for Atrevida House
  • awards to the best internal space, Costa Rica 2012
  • mention by the landscaping consideration in built projects Costa Rica 2012
  • honorable mention, first contest national design furniture, 2004 


  • 2012 Architecture Biennale exhibition 2012
  • 2011, II Forum-Costa Rica trade and sustainable tourism - University Earth, Campus La Flor, Liberia.
  • 2011 eco-Expo, green pages of Costa Rica, Hotel Ramada
  • 2010, D10, Museum of art and design contemporary, old customs, San Jose
  • 2008, third biennial design of furniture, University Veritas
  • 2008, Museum of art and contemporary design, Costa Rica design.
  • 2006, housing Producitva, live, San Jose home.
  • 2004, first biennial design of furniture, University Veritas
  • 2003, outdoors art, Ulysses Gallery. Permanent collection, San Jose


  • Towards an Utopical Tropical design, CLEFA SAN JOSE 2012,
  • Ancient Customs building, San Jose.
  • Towards an Utopia from craft and sustainable design 2012 International Congress - Chamber of consultants in architecture and engineering of Costa Rica, San José.
  • RESET, requirements for sustainable buildings in the tropics, the first Central American Congress of architecture green 2011, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
  • Architecture in the forest, seminar towards a green architecture 2010, Ministry of environment and natural resources, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • Biodiversity and Tropical landscaping 2010, Faculty of architecture, UNIBE, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • Luz de Piedra Work 2000-2010 Festival of architecture 2010, University Veritas.
  • Luz de Piedra Work 2000-2010, Latina University.
  • Architecture for a green country, biennial of architecture of Costa Rica 2010 – Chamber of consultants in architecture and engineering of Costa Rica, San José
  • Built with materials of low impact, Forum sustainable building 2010 - University Veritas. Work Piedra 2000-2010 Luz - Cartago Technological Institute, San Jose.


  • Book: Landscaping and Tropical biodiversity, Tropical Architecture Institute 2003.
  • Book: The banana farms in Costa Rica, Institute for Tropical architecture 2002
  • book: Bamboo Architecture Hi-Design Publishing 2015, Link books
  • book: Best Beach Houses, Seaside living
  • book: Dream Coastal Homes, Taschen, 2016
  • book: Loft Publications
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  • Magazine 4 Sale by owner
  • newspaper La Nación
  •  Newspaper La república
  • Architizer web page
  • Plataforma arquitectura.cl pag web
  • Archello  web page 


  • Concrete solutions products housing 2002 Costa Rica.
  • Landscaping and Tropical biodiversity, Tropical Architecture Institute 2003. Banana plantations in Costa Rica, Tropical Architecture Institute 2002.
  • RESET requirements for sustainable buildings in the tropics, Tropical Architecture Institute 2010-2011.


  • 2011 Sustainable housing for middle class in the GAM, Popular Banc, Costa Rica (within the 6 finalists).
  • 2007 Living Steel, sustainable housing - India.  (within the 8 finalists)


  • Design workshop in architecture, Univ. Veritas
  • Wood structure systems, Univ. Veritas
  • Graduate studies sustainable construction Univ. Veritas
  • RESET, national standard of sustainable construction, Chamber of consultants in architecture and engineering of Costa Rica, San José


  • 2002 preliminary design Martinez-Norton house, San Antonio de Escazu, construction area: 250 m2.
  • 2003 lMelendez-Moran house, San Isidro de Heredia, construction area: 100 m2 (built)
  • 2003 La Vida Verde house, San Antonio de Escazú, construction area: 250 m2 (built)
  • 2003 private house, condo Monteran, Curridabat, construction area: 400 m2 (built) 
  • 2004 Condominium Monte Real, Bosques de doña Rosa, Cariari, construction area:100 m2 (built)
  • 2004 residential Hola Blanca, phase 1, San Antonio deEscazu, construction area 700 m2 (built)
  • 2004 Salas House, forests of Altamonte , Curridabat, granadilla, construction area: 370 m2
  • 2004 Quesada-Valverde House, Lomas de Ayarco, Curridabat, construction area: 200 m2 (built)
  • 2005 workouts room and offices USA Peace Corps, Rohrmoser, area construction: 120 m2 (built)
  • 2005 games room, ABC Montessori, Rohrmoser, area of construccion:100 m2 (built)
  • 2006 parking and public square, ULACIT, Barrio Turnon, construction area: 3600m 2
  • 2006 enlargement Luna de Miel house, Playas de Coco, Guanacaste, construction area: 100 m2 (built)
  • 2006 competition Living Steel, Calcutta, India, Wateryard Building, area 800 m2 project selected within the top ten finalists
  • 2006 Pre project for Kopaly Community, Machuca, Orotina
  • 2006 pre project condominium Cnanles, Playas de Coco, Guanacaste, construction area: 1500 m2
  • 2006 Gurdian-Solano House, Curridabat, San Jose, construction area: 450 m2
  • 2007 Alazan Houses, (House Hunter Nelson, House two eagles (built), House Nowlen), Parrita, construction area 690 m2
  • 2007 Pre project Gulf Zulu, five houses and an entertainment room, Dominical, Puntarenas, construction area: 1500 m2
  • 2007 Yoga retreat Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Cabuya, Nicoya Peninsula, construction area: 1200 m2 (built) 
  • 2007 pre Project Spa Ecolodge Lapa Rios, Peninsula de Osa
  • 2008 Puntarenas Kukula Lodge, Old Harbour, Limon, 440 m2 (built)
  • 2008 Paraiso homes, two houses and two garages, Puerto Viejo de Limón,: 500 m2 (built)
  • 2008 Francis House , Curridabat, San Jose, construction area: 480 m2 (built)
  • 2008 Liberia House, Liberia, Guanacasate, construction area: 185 m2
  • 2008 pre project House Hernandez, Lomas de Ayarco, Curridabat, construction area: 240 m2
  • 2008 Lemonade House, Old Harbour, Limon, construction area: 90 m2 (built)
  • 2008 houses Alazan II (house Biggs Walls, Round House (built) , House Martin) construction area: 350 m2
  • 2009 Ulibarri Cordero House , San Antonio de Belén, construction area: 550 m2
  • 2009 Atrevida House, Puerto Jimenez, 300 m2 (built)
  • 2009 private house, Ochomogo, Cartago, construction area: 800 m2
  • 2010 Casa Méndez, clouds of Coronado, San José. Construction area: 130 m2
  • 2010 Master Plan and classroom College bilingual Turrialba, San Jose. Construction area: 14500 m2
  • 2011 Trejos Valverde House, San Antonio de Escazu, construction area: 100 m2 (built)
  • 2012 Project soda, shop and cafeteria Artifice, Uvita, construction area: 150 m2
  • 2012 Monkeys watching trail, Saimiri fundation, Osa Peninsula Foundation (built) ​
  • 2012 Residential Hoja Blanca, phase 2, San Antonio de Escazu, construction area 900 m2 (built)
  • 2013 Three house, Tres Rios, construction: 100 m2 (built)
  • 2013 The Cielo Lodge , Golfito, construction: 800 m2
  • 2013 Residences Samara, construction: 800 m2
  • 2013 Office building AIC, Haiti. Area: 3500 m2
  • 2013 Landscaping design COE, Bac San José, Curridabat, 28000m 2
  • 2014 Design and landscaping building Unibe, Tibás, San José, area: 6500 m2 (built)
  • 2014 Master Plan Liceo Franco Costarricense, area intervention 45000 m2
  • 2014 Autobanco and Executive building Branch Office Escazú, Bac San José, area construction: 1055 m2 (built)
  • 2014 Ketter House, Playas del Coco, construction area: 170 m2 (built)
  • 2014 design and landscaping Executive building INCAE , construction area: 1850 m2
  • 2014 design and landscaping private accommodation building INCAE, area construction: 1650 m2 (built)
  • 2014 Herreño Hannemann House, Ocotal, Guanacaste, construction area: 140 m2
  • 2015 Ecologde Yaba Chigui, Ojochal, Osa Peninsula, construction area: 360 m2.
  • 2015 Interior design BAC San José, Plaza Roble (built)
  • 2015 interior design  BAC San José La Paco, Escazu1055 m2 (built)
  • 2015 conceptualization Digital banking BAC San José (built)
  • 2015 Malcom Acon House room, Cuidad Colon, construction area: 70 m2
  • 2015 remodeling Metropolitan building for Bac San José, construction area 1700 m2
  • 2015 Container City, San Pedro, construction area: 1000 m2


  • Arch. Karla Venegas
  • Arch. Susana Soto
  • Arch. Macos Chen
  • Arch. Andres Zegers
  • Arch. Paisajista Nicole Letelier
  • Arch. Cesar Arguedas
  • Arch. Pablo Quiros
  • Arch. Fernando Gomez Cuetara
  • Dib. Gabriel Rojas
  • Dib. Nataly Ugalde
  • mens. David Madrigal
  • Bruno Stagno Arquitecto y Asociados
  • Tropical Architecture Institute
  • Renders Arch. Dagoberto Gamboa
  • Renders Arch. Benjamin Garcia Saxe
  • Renders Arch. Luis Diego Monge
  • Renders Arch. Andres Kaune
  • Renders Shout